Tips on How To Convince Your Loved One To Move To Assisted Living

Naturally, everybody wants to stay in the place of their comfort, which is home. We all want to stay there for the longest time possible. This could be the reason most elders find it difficult to agree to move to an assisted living facility Now, this can be a difficult situation to handle, which piles a whole load of pressure on your shoulders. So, what can you do when it is the right time to move your loved one to an assisted living connection? Here are some tips to help you;


1. Introduce the idea gradually


Too many family members fail when it comes to moving their loved one to an assisted living facility because they try to force their parents to accept to move. This is not a good idea at all. The first thing you need to do is introduce the topic to them and state that moving to such a facility can make life easier for them. Don’t forget to mention that they will enjoy a lot of fun while there.


However, if they resist as soon as you introduce the topic, drop it and wait for some other time.


2. Wait for the right moment


Since you told them and they resisted, you will need to find a different way to bring up the topic. One option is to wait for that moment when they injured themselves accidentally, they left the house untidy, or even forgot to take a shower. Tell them how that could be solved if only they joined an assisted living community. Make sure you use this moment wisely. Don’t sound like you are happy they are in a mess.


3. Check if a neighbor or friend has a loved one in the facility


If your approaches are still not bearing fruits, you could try to convince them through someone else. Check around if you know someone that already has a loved on there. You can then tell them that that person could be their friend in the assisted living facility. Sometimes, the elderly are reluctant to join the assisted living community because they don’t want to be in an environment with strangers.


4. Do the search together


You can research the assisted living facilities around you and promise to take your loved one on tours. This way, they will be convinced that you care and want the best for them. You will also let them know that they can choose where they want to be.


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