Are You An Abused Man? Shrink4Men is Your Ideal Place


Men are strong beings that cannot be bullied, harassed, or abused in any way by women, right? Wrong! On the contrary, there are mean and bossy ladies out there, who are very abusive to their men. The question is, are you an abused man? Maybe you are, maybe you’re not. Either way, you can get help from Shrink4Men.

What is Shrink4Men?

This is a website that was established by, surprisingly, a lady, who had an aim of helping men that are in an abusive relationship. Dr. Tara j. Plamatier founder of Shink4Men, is a female therapists working with male clients She originally intended to give enough support resources for men. She found out that men in abusive relationships don’t get equal support as their female counterparts.

Astonishingly, 50% of the abusive relationship have men as the victims. Unfortunately, such men are ridiculed and mocked when they seek help. That is why Shrink4Men is here to for them.

Why is Shrink4Men the Ideal Place?

• It is run by a professional

This website is run by a very able lady, Dr. Tara. She holds an MSc in Counseling Psychology and PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Tara also has more than 20 years of experience in the field. She has handled different people throughout her professional life.

• Backed by Real-life stories

Empathy is one factor that encourages people to open up. So if you are an abused man, and find yourself saying “my wife beats me”, and you find a fellow man has gone through a similar case, you will be willing to share your story. That is why Shrink4Men is your ideal place if you are an abused man.

You will get to see how other men have had abusive girlfriends, and what they did about it. Others had to deal with female stalkers that didn’t take no for an answer. There are lots of stories from real people, which proves that men are being abused out there.

Will I get the help that I need?

Yes, you can be sure to get professional help when you visit Shrink4Men. Dr. Tara will walk you through the things you are supposed to do if you happen to be in an abusive relationship. Also, there is a blog to advise you further about the signs of an abusive relationship. This is a good thing because it gives you enough knowledge so that you avoid any further harm in the future.

So you might ask, how will I know if I’m in an abusive relationship? Check out this post;, and learn more about that. At Shrink4Men, your problems as an abused man will be solved appropriately.